Maine Winter I Maine Winter II Yellow and Turquoise IM Pei II Yellow and Turquoise Yellow and Turquoise Hola IM Pei I IM Pei II Spade I Spade II Spade III Yes Envelope Hallway II Dellacroix's Morocco III Yellow Landscape II Boli Asian Yellow Maine Shadows For HM Summer Begins White on Blue Interior Sunset_I Sunset_II Sunset Untitled Frank Gehry II Delacroix's Morocco II Interior and Sunlight Book Betty Parsons Moonscape I Moonscape II Persian Miniature VI Persian Miniature VII Dusk South Bristol Esfahan I Esfahan II Chubby Is the New Skinny Winter Is Coming Tiananmen Square IV Stacking Untitled in Red Koolhaus I Interior Space with Portrait Fruit Bowl Jitterbug Perfume I Jitterbug Perfume II Persian Miniature II Red Pyramid Chair Sea Cakes V Starfruit IV The Good Levee The Good Levee II Green Interior Space study 1I Brown and Red Interior Space study 2 Brown Interior Space study 3 Interior Study with Artist Untitled (brown and purple hallway) Cityscape Rooftops in Shouzou Persian Miniature The Bouquet Impatiens and Acorn Squash Impatiens and Alyssum